Welcome to

Hotel Klemm

We’re pleased that you have found us! We are a family-run boutique hotel located in the heart of Wiesbaden and in an idyllic and peaceful location. In the 1888 heritage-listed villa, we spoil our guests with rooms which are each uniquely fitted out and modernly furnished. No two rooms are exactly alike. Designed and decorated with an eye for detail, our rooms radiate comfort and make our guests feel like at home.
We value the heritage of our Art Nouveau villa, which has been home to generations of families in the past. By the early 1950s, the Klemm family had transformed the historic mansion into a unique and attractive hotel establishment. The Lowell family has been devoted to this tradition since 1999 and have upheld the hotel's reputation for outstanding hospitality and courteous service. At the same time, we have added modern amenities which retain the traditional atmosphere of the historic mansion.

Welcome to Hotel Klemm. Feel right at home.
Yours faithfully,

Heike Lowell.