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Category S
(Single room with single bed):
Weekdays (Mo-Fr): 76 - 91 Euro

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 69 Euro

Category M 
(French bed 140 cm wide):
Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as single room: 91 -  105 Euro 

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 72 Euro 

Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Double room: 111 - 124 Euro 

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 96 Euro 

Category L
(Double bed with 2 mattresses):
Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Single room: 91 - 107 Euro

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 72 Euro

Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Double room: 124 - 137 Euro

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 101 Euro 

Category XL
(Double bed with 2 mattresses):
Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Single room: 101 - 117 Euro
Weekends (Fr-Mo): 82 Euro
Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Double room: 137 - 147 Euro 

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 111 Euro

Category N (Nebenan):
Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Single room: 76 - 91 Euro

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 69 Euro

Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Double room: 106 - 124 Euro 

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 96 Euro

Category XXL (Studio):
Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Single room: 125 - 150 Euro 

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 110 Euro

Weekdays (Mo-Fr) as Double room: 150 - 180 Euro 

Weekends (Fr-Mo): 125 Euro


Kids, dog, car & Co.:

For XL, Next door, and the Studio it is partially possible to book a 3rd or 4th person.
Children beds for kids up to 12 years are available for 10,-Euro/day, extra beds for those over 12 years we offer 25,- Euro/day.

Garage parking is available for 12.- Euro/night. Please inform our snazzy parking assistant before arrival - thank you.

All prices are per room and per overnight, including breakfast.
Breakfast costs 5,- Euro per person. Dogs can sleep here for free.